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Rick Jensen, a deep-cover operative for the CIA, stares death in the face everyday… Inside the perils and politics of the Middle East, Rick’s learned to keep everyone at a distance-for even an ally can be bought. Left to his wits and an uncanny ability to detect even the slightest trail, by a country who can never reveal his existence, there’s only one way to survive- think fast.


An American murdered in Syria sends a shock wave to the power brokers in the Middle East and right through to the leaders of the free world…

Rick Jensen is investigating a complex network of antiquity smugglers and arms dealing on an international scale. Hundreds of millions of dollars is funnelled to fund terrorism and ISIL is growing more sophisticated than ever.

A series of mass scale terror incidents pull the U.S. and Russia to the brink of war…

Can Rick uncover the true identity of the cell leaders in time?

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