Simon W Clark Amazon Dead Mercenary’s Trail
- Jake Armitage Thriller Book 2

The Russian Ink - Jake Armitage Thriller Book 1

When NSA contractor Jake Armitage is recruited in St Petersburg to find an asset, little does he know that he’s about to be drawn into the most dangerous mission of his career: the Whitehouse has influenced a Russian presidential campaign and the evidence along with the witness have disappeared.

To complete the contract Jake discovers the asset murdered in a safehouse. This is just the beginning of his obligations… What connects the data to the killers leads him into an international race between a corrupt military figure and a shadowy political agenda.

Along the way Jake teams up with an acquaintance, feisty journalist Katerina Venski. They clash with a skilled mercenary who protects his superior’s interests at all costs.

Jake is heading for a showdown over the misty canals of St Petersburg and the villains have no intention of letting him come out of it alive…  

Dead Mercenary’s Trail - Jake Armitage Thriller Book 2

An assassination attempt in the South China Sea lures NSA contractor Jake Armitage back into the old game.

After five months sailing on a yacht the past has again caught up with him.

A message sends him to Manila where a contact from his past surfaces. The offer he can’t refuse.

From a heated manhunt in Paris, a new contract leads to Japan where deadly mass terrorism threatens Tokyo and the free world.

But who is the enemy: is it an arms dealer supplying a terrorist cult? Or is the source a much larger organization hellbent on world domination.

Moreover, his duty to country could take away everything he cherishes and have the ultimate price.

Join Jake Armitage in the second and latest high-stake instalment in the series.

Think Fast or Die

How do you start a war?

Assassinate a prominent American arms dealer.

How do you deal with a growing threat of terrorism spread across the world?

Find black-ops agent Rick Jensen.

The covert terror cell with a clandestine leader that no government or agency can identify.

A Kurdish soldier slave who could hold the key to unmasking the mastermind terrorist.

Looted ancient antiquities funding terror on a mass scale.

The clock is ticking.

No rules except think fast or die…

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Rick has narrowly escaped a hidden army base deep in the Pakistan desert. Injured and exhausted, he tackles a series of terror incidents starting with bomb plot that would kill ten thousand people. No one else can stop the cell. A new handler is assigned to Rick who needs him fighting the terrorists in Syria. He hates Syria but a new evil has arisen. The assignment is non-negotiable. Director’s orders.Rick plunges into a human trafficking operation which must be stopped. Sarya is trapped as a slave in a bidding war when Rick aids her escape. Together they search for a phantom cell leader that only she has met.

On a parallel assignment Rick investigates American Mullenger whose arms-dealing and smuggling has caught the watchful eye of the CIA. Rick and Sarya know the entrepreneur must be connected to the mastermind terrorist.Mullenger is murdered in Syrian headquarters under Rick’s surveillance.Join in on the break-neck journey from Pakistan, Syria through to Egypt and back again as Rick strives to defeat the deadliest cell that ever existed.Millions of lives are at stake. Superpowers under threat.Only one outcome can restore temporary peace and bring stabilisation.

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